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In 1998, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General reached a landmark settlement with tobacco companies. The office filed suit in response to serious concerns about the tobacco industry's marketing practices and public deception regarding the health risks that cigarettes pose to consumers.

The suit sought compensation for the millions of dollars the state pays in tobacco-related medical expenses each year. The Master Settlement Agreement resulting from the suit also provides for restrictions on the advertising and promotional activities of tobacco companies, specifically prohibiting the targeting of youth by banning the use of cartoons and other practices designed to attract underage consumers.

The original suit was filed in November 1996. Illinois was the 16th state to file. The state's share of this unprecedented settlement amounts to $9.1 billion.

Attorney General Kwame Raoul in April 2022 announced Illinois received more than $804 million from tobacco manufacturers as part of the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). In addition to receiving its annual MSA payment, more than $258 million, Illinois has also received more than $546 million tobacco manufacturers were recently required to release. The funding had previously been withheld from annual MSA payments to the state.

Illinois Directories

The Illinois Directory of Participating Manufacturers and the Directory of Compliant NPMs include brand styles that have been certified under the Cigarette Fire Safety Standard Act as well as brand families certified as being in compliance with the Tobacco Products Manufacturers' Escrow Enforcement Act of 2003. Adjustments to brand style information as requested by the Fire Marshal are documented in Illinois Directory Changes under the Cigarette Fire Safety Standard Act. Additions or deletions of a brand family will continue to be included in the ten day notices that are sent to Illinois licensed distributors.

The Illinois Directory of Participating Manufacturers and the Directory of Compliant NPMs are revised from time to time. Any questions regarding these Directories should be directed to the Office of Attorney General at 217-785-8541.

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Manufacturer Information

These forms should be used when filing annual and/or quarterly certifications as required by Illinois law with the Attorney General’s office. An Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is needed to view and print PDF documents available from this page. If you have any problems downloading any of these forms, please call the Tobacco Enforcement Bureau at 217-785-8541 for further assistance.

Participating Manufacturers
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Statutes and Rules

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Illinois Department of Revenue Information

For further information please contact the Illinois Department of Revenue's Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuel Division at 217-782-6045.

For more information on Cigarette and Cigarette Use Tax, Cigarette Machine Operator’s Tax (RYO), and Tobacco Products Tax visit:

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