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Honest and Open Government

Fighting Public Corruption

The Attorney General's Office investigates fraud against government bodies and employees who break the public trust. Investigators from our office initiate and collaborate with other law enforcement partners in cases where public resources are misused.

Rooting out fraud against programs meant to serve
the public good

The office's large-scale fraud initiatives include investigating individuals and crime rings that commit fraud against publicly-funded programs. The Attorney General established a multi-pronged taskforce to investigate Illinois Unemployment Insurance fraud.

The office has convicted business owners for defrauding the state on sales taxes owed. Attorneys in our office also convicted individuals who broke laws related to charitable giving and nonprofit organizations.

The office also has added resources to the Medicaid Fraud team and has built out a statewide model to investigate and prosecute those who take advantage of vulnerable seniors or seek to cheat the program.

Holding accountable public employees and elected officials who do wrong

When public officials or employees face allegations they broke the law in their work duties, this office is often called upon to investigate and prosecute. The Public Integrity Bureau is a specialized public corruption prosecution group of the Attorney General's Office. Attorneys prosecute a wide variety of crimes ranging from official misconduct committed by state, county and city officials and employees to government vendor and grant fraud.

Prosecutions include sophisticated wire and mail fraud schemes, forgery, theft, and minority business fraud. Cases are received from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies along with referrals from Inspector Generals and County State's Attorneys.