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Rights of the People

The Attorney General Office is committed to protecting the public interest and defending the rights of Illinois residents. This encompasses advocating for individuals in protected classes and ensuring that laws and policies are constitutional and consistently uphold the rights of individuals. The Attorney General coordinates with attorneys in several specialty areas of law, and also collaborates with other state attorneys general on measures that have a broad statewide or national reach.

Attorney General’s Civil Rights Bureau enforces civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination and fights for justice to:

  • Prevent and prosecute hate crimes and bias-based violence
  • Investigate patterns or practices of unconstitutional policing
  • Advocate for women’s issues and against gender discrimination
  • Fight for federal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Defend the right to comprehensive reproductive services
  • Curb discrimination in housing

The Attorney General also fights to uphold the rights of individuals in protected categories. Our office will:

  • Enforce state and federal laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities
  • Advocate for workers’ rights and just treatment in the workplace
  • Uphold just immigration policies and educate immigrant communities on their rights
  • Ensure that veterans and active duty military servicemembers receive the benefits they have earned by serving our country