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File a Complaint

File a Complaint

The Office of the Illinois Attorney General is able to intervene in many matters. Individuals can make complaints ranging from transactions in various marketplaces to different types of discrimination. We cannot serve as your personal attorney but, we in many instances, can provide information, advocate, mediate or investigate, or direct you to other agencies as needed.

The Consumer Fraud and Health Care Bureaus offer informal dispute resolution programs for consumers with complaints concerning their purchases and health care. Although the Attorney General’s Office will do its best to assist you, the Attorney General’s Office is prohibited from representing citizens privately. If you need a lawyer, please see our list of legal aid referrals or contact the Illinois State Bar Association.

Law enforcement actions are taken by the Attorney General to protect the public good and ensure a fair market-place.

You can submit a complaint to our office by filling out the form online or by printing the complaint form from our website.


These forms may open in a new browser window. However, because the forms contain some advanced features, they cannot be submitted through a web browser. You must download the complaint form to your device and use Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to submit a completed form by email.

Follow these additional instructions on how to change your browser settings to open and download the complaint form.

Review the complaints we manage and choose one to resolve your issue.

Filing a Consumer Complaint

  • If you've been victimized by fraud, deception, or unfair methods of competition, the Consumer Protection Division of the Illinois Attorney General's office may be able to help.

Filing a Civil Rights Complaint

  • The Attorney General's Civil Rights Bureau protects the civil rights of all Illinois residents. The Bureau enforces civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination, works to strengthen the civil rights laws, and participates in community outreach programs. The Bureau also investigates complaints of patterns and practices of discrimination in housing, public accommodations, employment, and financial matters.

Filing a Crime Victims Rights Violation Complaint

  • Complaints regarding victim rights violations as defined in the Act may be submitted by crime victims, parent/ guardians, victim’s representatives or advocates, the prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, victim’s rights attorney, or assigned victim witness staff in the criminal case at issue. The complaint form can be submitted online or by mail.

Filing a Hate Crime Complaint

  • A hate crime is an offense where a person or a group of people is targeted because of their actual or perceived identity. Illinois hate crimes laws protect people who are targeted based on characteristics like race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability.

Filing a Health Care Complaint

  • The Attorney General's Health Care Bureau assist consumers with problems related to health care health care and mediators work with providers or insurance companies in an attempt to settle disputes.

Filing a Disability Rights Complaint

  • The Disability Rights Bureau enforces state and federal laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities in Illinois. If you have a disability rights-related complaint, please complete and submit the form below.

Filing a Workplace Rights Complaint

  • The Workplace Rights Bureau of the Attorney General's Office investigates and litigates cases involving serious or persistent wage law violations or other significant employment practices, file a complaint about an employer's practices form below.

Filing a Military & Veterans Rights Request for Assistance

  • If you have a military and/or veterans rights-related request, please complete and submit the form below.