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Consumer Protection

Identity Theft

The Attorney General's Office created the first-ever Illinois Identity Theft Hotline. The hotline provides Illinoisans who have been victimized by identity theft with one-on-one assistance as they work to report the incident to financial institutions and local law enforcement, repair their credit, and prevent future problems.

If you have been the victim of identity theft or believe your personal or financial information may have been compromised, please call the toll-free Identity Theft Hotline at: 1-866-999-5630. Individuals with hearing or speech disabilities can reach us by using the 7-1-1 relay service.

Preventing Identity Theft

While identity theft is a persistent and prevalent issue, there are steps that one can take to prevent it. Whether you are shopping online, using social media, or making financial transactions, take caution. Always:

  • Guard your personal identifying information.
  • Use good password practices.
  • Refuse to engage with calls, emails, and text messages when you can’t confirm they are legitimate.
  • Never feel pressured or rushed into sending money, purchasing gift cards, buying products, making donations, or signing contracts.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably isn’t a real deal.

These resources offer more details on identity theft scams and how to avoid being a victim.

Restoring Your Digital Identity

Should you be a victim of identity theft or worry that your personal identifying information may be compromised, there are steps the Attorney General’s Office can help you take to restore your digital identity.

As a first step, reach out to our office’s Identity Theft Hotline by phone or download an Identity Theft Complaint Form to complete and submit. The Identity Theft Hotline Brochure provides an overview of what is involved in reporting identity theft and working through the process to restore your financial circumstances. The Resource Guide gives very detailed instructions on how you can proceed when your digital identity is at risk. We also have resources available that you can use to report the incident to creditors and credit bureaus.

The Attorney General’s Office has specially-trained advocates who are available to assist residents. We cannot act as private attorneys for individuals. We can make sure you are informed of your rights as consumers and assist in navigating through the situation, step-by-step.

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